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Kenyata Cooper Stays Strong with Physical and Occupational Therapies

Jun 01, 2023

“If I did not have my physical therapy, I would be lost,” shared Kenyata Cooper. Kenyata credits receiving physical and occupational therapies for keeping her body strong. She lives with cerebral palsy and glaucoma and has received these therapies on and off since she was 19 years old. The 42-year-old has been receiving People Inc. Rehabilitative Health Services since 2013 and now visits the new People Inc. Health Services Building twice a week for treatment, which is one hour of physical therapy and 30 minutes of occupational therapy.

By working closely together with Physical Therapist Assistant Molly Switzer, Kenyata builds her body strength to improve her quality of life through hands-on care, prescribed movement, and education. Appointments include use of innovative equipment and state-of-the-art technology, all with personalized attention and sensitivity to her health needs.

Kenyata has attended other places for her care but felt like she was just a number. “People Inc. actually gets to know you, they care,” she remarked. As someone who does not like change, Kenyata said it’s important that the staff and setting help make her comfortable. A great deal of trust has been built with Molly, she said.

“It’s important for us to have positive relationships with our patients, as they are seen on a long-term basis, sometimes for years,” shared Molly. “Knowing a patient’s medical and personal history allows us to provide the best possible care.”

Living on her own in downtown Buffalo, Kenyata receives aide services to help with activities of daily living. She uses a power wheelchair and crutches to assist with mobility. One of her favorite things to do is read. She also loves to make candles, a hobby that she developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. She takes pride in creating her candles, often selling or giving them away. The occupational therapy that Kenyata receives helps improve her hand-eye coordination and ‑ne motor skills, which she puts to good use during her creative pursuits.

By working together with the People Inc. Rehabilitation Team, Kenyata can make her physical needs a priority. “When I don’t come to therapy, my body doesn’t feel good,” Kenyata said. “My therapies help build my strength and have a great quality of life.

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This story was part of the 2022 Annual Report.

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