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Coping with Dementia

Reduce over stimulation. For example, keep the TV or stereo at a regular volume and never have them both playing at the same time.

• Make the environment as successful as possible. Label items that are no longer familiar to the person. Paint doorways a different color than the wall. Keep personal items in a consistent place.

• Take time out with your loved one. Take them to places they used to go on their own, reminisce about things they used to do. Keep their old memories alive and make new ones.

• Keep direction simple. Prompt just one step at a time. Always speak clearly and face-to-face to your loved one.

• Be aware of your body language. Maintain friendly facial expressions and tone of voice.

• Keep a structured and consistent routine.

• Always use a statement instead of a demand. For example tell your loved one to "come with me over here," instead of "you must go this way."

• Always reassure your loved one when they are anxious or confused, no matter how many times you have to do it.

• If your loved one is agitated, distract them to a simple task like folding clothes or sorting them by color. This will give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

• Keep a sense of humor. Remember you are now making memories one at a time.

• Take care of yourself. Join a support group, spend time with friends or watch your favorite television show.

Your loved one will enjoy:

• A safe, friendly atmosphere and caring staff.

• Opportunities to socialize, make friends and share experiences.

• Exercises to promote balance, circulation, coordination and flexibility.

• An art therapy program that combines music, poetry and imagery to encourage self-esteem and self-expression.

• Hot, nutritious meals.

• Pet therapy, cooking sessions, music appreciation and so much more!

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