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Self-Directed Services Opens Up a Whole New World

Jan 02, 2023

Colen Hale, who takes part in People Inc. Self-Directed Services in Allegany County, recently experienced the magic of Disney World for the first time. He saved his money, packed his bags and headed with his staff, Kristina Fries, to Walt Disney World in Florida! Colen experienced many firsts on this trip, including flying and going to a theme park. He loved it so much that he wanted to move to Disney World and have his grandma visit. 

“My favorite part of the trip was the rides,” Colen expressed. The trip opened up a whole new world for Colen and he looks forward to more exciting experiences!  

People Inc. Self-Directed Services is a person-centered program that encourages people with disabilities to manage a plan based around their own needs and preferences, enabling them to enjoy meaningful experiences, personal growth and to live and work in the community of their choice. Through Self-Directed Services, the recipient acts as the manager of their services. A supportive team supports the person to make decisions about the budget for their services, what goals they would like to work on and even who they want to hire. To learn more, contact Admissions at