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People Inc. to Provide Seniors Case Management Services in Grand Island, North Buffalo and Tonawanda

Aug 12, 2011

August 12, 2011: People Inc. has been awarded a grant through Erie County to provide Case Management Services to seniors 60 years and older who live in Grand Island, Kenmore, North Buffalo and Tonawanda. People Inc. will provide assistance to seniors or their caregivers about how to better navigate the social service and healthcare systems that may be challenging. The goal is to provide the supports necessary to age in place. 

The physical, emotional and mental changes that accompany aging can create a frustrating experience for seniors and their families. The sense of isolation or confusion may cause panic or depression. These problems often drive seniors into nursing home settings even when they want to stay in their homes. With this grant, People Inc. stands ready to provide necessary help.

People Inc. case managers will be assigned to specific geographic areas and help create individualized services plans for individual seniors based upon a comprehensive assessment. The plan will be developed in collaboration with the senior and will reflect their choices and preferences with an end goal of empowering the senior to stay involved with their service plan. Seniors enrolled with People Inc.'s Senior Case Management will gain access to appropriate services, benefits and entitlements.

People Inc. is recognized by the Western New York Service Coordination Institute and the University of Buffalo as a leader in case management and offers training and mentoring to case managers throughout Western New York. The agency works collaboratively with a significant number of area service providers and is committed to providing exceptional care.

"Between the over 800 seniors in our Senior Living apartments and our case management to more than 1,300 people in the community, we felt this was a natural fit for us. We have many programs offered in the northtowns and now we have the opportunity to help even more seniors in these areas," said James M. Boles, Ed.D., People Inc. president and chief executive officer.

Seniors must meet specific criteria. For more information or to set up an appointment, call Case Management Coordinator Kaamalal Robinson at 566.5015. 

People Inc. is a not-for-profit health and human services agency providing programs and services to more than 10,000 people with special needs, their families, and seniors throughout Western New York. Since 1971, People Inc. has assisted individuals to achieve greater degrees of independence and productivity.