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Nurse of Distinction Named

May 09, 2024

Stacey Edwards BN image

Nursing Director Stacey Edwards, RN, was nominated as a Buffalo News Nurse of Distinction for never losing perspective on the People Inc. mission and consistently focusing on protecting, promoting, and optimizing the health and functioning ability of each person under her and her team’s care, according to Senior Vice President Maralyn Militello, MPA, BSN, RN. Edwards’ outstanding leadership and support of the nurses, direct support professionals and management teams began in a very front-facing role as medication administration training nurse and continues through her current Director role, managing a team of 34 people.

Her leadership skills have continued to grow throughout her nursing career at People Inc., and she is well-respected for offering potential resolutions for problems, innovative trainings and sharing valuable clinical insights. Through strategic education and communication, Edwards empowers both nursing and residential staff to find answers, learn new skills, take part in a workgroup, and consider roles in management.

“Each day that I can advocate for those unable to advocate for themselves brings with it a feeling of accomplishment,” Edwards said. “Each time that I support and assist my nurses and staff in providing the best possible care for the people we serve carries with it a tremendous sense of achievement. I find that the greatest experiences are not only the moments that come with a feeling of gratification, but also those that provide a teachable moment. I have fostered many relationships within the agency that have afforded me the opportunity to educate others. My career journey itself has been extremely fulfilling.”

Her thoughts about her most significant contribution to the nursing profession happened during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. “As we found ourselves in uncharted territory, I was part of a team of nurses that took charge of creating COVID sites for the people we serve.  … During this challenging time we were able to provide the 24-hour nursing care that was needed for those diagnosed with COVID, as well as protect our already fragile population.”

If you, or someone you know, are seeking a fulfilling career in nursing, this video highlights some of the dedicated People Inc. nurses in action and sharing their experiences.