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Grand Island Resident Jessica M. Ritzenthaler Promoted to Senior Program Manager/Community Habilitation at People Inc.

Jan 31, 2014

Jessica M. Ritzenthaler of Grand Island, NY has been promoted to Senior Program Manager/Community Habilitation at People Inc. Ritzenthaler has been employed at People Inc. for three years. She has held positions as team leader, community habilitation and residential habilitation instructor and community habilitation. She has her Bachelor of Science in Economics/Finance from Buffalo State College.

Ritzenthaler’s job duties include a caseload of more than 20 individuals, attending Individualized Education Plans and updating habilitation plans based on what the individual would like to work on to maintain their independence. Ritzenthaler said, “If People Inc. is representative payee for anyone on my caseload, I maintain a budget for them to be able to pay their bills and have money for everyday living.” She also maintains rental subsidies. She said, “I review billing and write monthly summaries. I keep all participants on my caseload’s paperwork current and within People Inc. and the State’s regulations. I also supervise staff.”

Ritzenthaler loves her job, and states, “This job is so rewarding because it is amazing to see a participant progress in the goals that they have chosen to work on. For example, I work with someone who has a valued outcome: To be more independent with his finances. I have seen such a great progression in this skill from him… He writes  is own checks to pay his bills, ledger’s them into his checkbook along with his other receipts and maintains his bank balance through reconciling it with his bank statement. He has come so far with this goal that he now does most of these skills independently with very little help anymore.”

Ritzenthaler shared, “In this job I am learning new skills and procedures and will need to be able to implement and teach them to participants in my program, my staff and others in the agency. I really like helping others achieve their goals and feel that this is a good tool to use while working in this field and in life.”

People Inc. is a not-for-profit health and human services agency providing programs and services to more than 12,000 people with special needs, their families, and seniors throughout Western New York. Since 1971, People Inc. has assisted individuals to achieve greater degrees of independence and productivity.