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For Families: People Inc. President and CEO Announces Retirement

Aug 11, 2022

Dear Families,

There is an immense respect and admiration people have for this agency – not just in Western New York and Rochester, but across the entire state. My confidence in our Senior Leadership Team is high and after planning with the Board of Directors for the past year, I want to share some news with you. I’ve decided to retire in April 2023 – on what will be my 43rd anniversary with the agency (April 7). I’ve worked with our Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team on a thoughtful plan for a smooth transition. While it is almost 8 months away, I wanted to share directly with all of you before the public announcement later today. 
Our Board spearheads the transition process and leading that effort is our Board Chair JoAnne Hudecki. JoAnne and I were able to present together in a remote Teams meeting with our management team this morning and an email to all staff followed.

It has truly been the honor of a lifetime to be able to spend my entire career here at People Inc. It certainly wasn’t anything I expected when I walked through the door of the Main Street ICF in 1980. I can’t even begin to describe what a profound impact the agency has had on me. I have been so incredibly fortunate to meet so many wonderful people – from the hundreds of families to the thousands of staff and community members – but most importantly, the people we support.  

I love this organization and don’t know how I was so lucky to essentially spend my life here. Even through the toughest times, I knew there was an entire team here working and we could do anything. And we have certainly proven that. 

I have great faith in the transition process that the Board has put together. I like the feedback and input from our entire team and stakeholders. We started the process early with the goal of a smooth transition. The Senior Leadership Team has been involved and can address questions. This team has been working side by side, for decades, in managing the programs and systems throughout the agency and they have my utmost confidence. Great attention is being given to ensuring commitment to our mission first, and that our deeply-held guiding values and culture will continue.  

So, we are announcing this today and then it’s back to our regular work – business as usual. I’m still doing the same job until April. It’s our tremendous Board of Directors working on this transition, along with the rest of the staff focusing on the work of People Inc. 

Thank you all for your support and partnership as the agency has developed over the past 52 years. I know there will be continued success in the next 50.  

With heartfelt thanks,

Rhonda Frederick, 
President & CEO