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Dr. Lizbeth Booth 2024 Supervisors of the Year Celebrated

Jun 14, 2024

People Inc. celebrated the Dr. Lizbeth Booth Supervisors of the Year Awards, which recognizes the critical role of our supervisors who directly support people receiving services.

The awards honor the memory and legacy of Lizbeth Booth, PhD, who was an integral part of many different areas at People Inc. for nearly 30 years. Dr. Booth inspired her staff, helped them build their own skills and empowered them to become a resource to others.

At the recognition breakfast, People Inc. President and CEO Anne McCaffrey said, "As a supervisor, I know you are training and engaging your team, and your wisdom and expertise have a profound impact on them and the care we provide. Your guidance sets the tone and results in people achieving their dreams, turning houses into homes, and ensuring people can live fulfilling lives." 

Noting her appreciation for all that the supervisors do, she added, "It is clear, both from my experience over the past year and from the voices of the nominators, that this year’s Supervisors of the Year are natural leaders who are: patient, encouraging, compassionate, inclusive, adaptable, and quick to offer recognition. Thank you for lifting People Inc. to incredible heights."

The honorees are: 

  • Diana Ball
  • Quintella Cottrell
  • Monica Debus
  • Maura Dimino
  • Kelly Dlugosz
  • Erika Falinski
  • Maddison Fleming
  • Shannon Greiner
  • Thomas Griffith
  • Charmaine Henley-Brown
  • Amy Johnson
  • Ken Kraffert
  • Sarah Loeffler
  • Ijeoma Mack
  • Jenna McKeone
  • Natalie Moore
  • Andrea Parrish
  • Tara Polakiewicz
  • Denise Smaszcz
  • Daniel Soto
  • Cassandra Special
  • Angela Winslow
  • Jason Zauner