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Comittment to the Community

May 17, 2022

A Message from Rhonda Frederick, President and CEO, People Inc.

Dear Friends,

We are here for the long-run!

We are heartbroken as we extend our deepest sympathies and support for the families of victims, and survivors, of the horrific acts of racially motivated hate that occurred on Saturday. The cowardly attack by a white supremacist who targeted people because they are Black, is nothing short of pure evil. It requires nothing short of full condemnation, full force of the law and our full and persistent attention in ridding the poison of hate, bigotry and ignorance from every corner of our community.

We know that the fear and trauma so many in our community now feel on a daily basis will not be quickly or easily resolved. There is deep pain, as a tremendous process of personal and community grieving continues.  

People Inc. is invested and integrated into every area of our community. We cherish the people and relationships developed with community groups along the historic Jefferson corridor; we are here for the long-run. The below photo was taken just hours before Saturday’s attack, as People Inc. staff joined others in a community cleanup near our apartments on Jefferson Avenue.

We pledge to continue our work toward creating a community of inclusion and belonging for all. Let’s become what this community is meant to be.

CommunityCleanupBuffalo May 2022.jpeg