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A 6,000-Mile Journey through America for the Change of a Lifetime

May 27, 2015

People Inc.’s Guys Group embarks on experiential learning trip, encouraging development of similar programs for the developmentally disabled

What: On May 30, four guys will begin their journey of traveling 6,000 miles – an experience that will change them for a lifetime. It may seem like just another cross-country road trip, but it couldn’t be further from ordinary. These four guys are part of People Inc.’s Guys Group, a social group for young men with developmental disabilities (DD). Developed by People Inc.’s Life Quality Coaching Department, the Guys Group helps participants discover and nurture their passions, build lasting friendships and develop important life skills so that they have increased opportunities to live and work independently.

With the assistance and support of two People Inc. life quality coaches, this trip is their chance to learn in action everything from planning and budgeting to safety and social skills – and at the same time enjoy the everyday tourist experience of visiting the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Hollywood!

Not only are these guys embarking on an incredible learning experience, but they will also stop throughout the country and visit other DD agencies, sharing the kids coaching philosophy and encouraging the organizations to create programs similar to People Inc.’s Guys Group. The agencies they plan to visit are Bethesda Lutheran Communities in Fort Collins, Colorado; Opportunity Village in Las Vegas, Nevada; TERI Inc. in Oceanside, California; and New Horizons in San Fernando Valley, California. 

This trip is the first sponsored trip of its kind for People Inc., and Western New Yorkers are invited to wish the group well as they depart for their 17-day journey. While on the road, their action can be followed in real time on the Facebook page “Crossing Borders WNY.”

When:                                                          Where:

Well Wishers Send-Off                       People Inc. Headquarters

Saturday, May 30, 2015                     1219 North Forest Road

12 Noon                                             Williamsville, NY

People Inc. is a not-for-profit health and human services agency providing programs and services to more than 12,000 people with special needs, their families and seniors throughout Western New York. Since 1971, People Inc. has assisted individuals to achieve greater degrees of independence and productivity.