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Jennifer Knapp, advocate with holiday ribbon

“I’ve come a long way in advocating for myself with medical providers.”
- Jennifer Knapp, Advocate and recipient of
People Inc. Residential Services

We value celebrating our traditions year-round. One of the best parts of this year is returning to our holiday traditions, isn’t it? Finding comfort and joy in doing things, no matter how simple, that have a treasured place in our memories. And what’s even more precious is when you can share that tradition with those that mean something special to you. Taking the time, making the time, to teach someone else how to do that special thing – that’s what really makes all the difference – the “passing it along.”

When you support People Inc., you’re making that possible throughout the entire year. At our core, we are teachers. Thousands of times every single day, lessons are being passed along. With patience and individual attention, people we support continue to gain skills and develop their abilities. And what’s even more impressive, is the amount of teaching that they, in turn, do.

We celebrate the important contributions made by our Advocates this year. As the only agency with seven Advocacy Support Professionals, they are making a huge impact helping their peers. They head up our many advocacy groups, facilitate twice daily supportive Zoom sessions attended by people with disabilities all over the state, maintain social media, engage with legislators and more. Your support helps to make all of this possible.

We hope you make the time to teach this holiday season. It’s a beautiful thing.

May your holidays be filled with safe and happy times and the new year filled with hope.

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