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People Inc. provides qualified American Sign Language interpreters in a variety of settings throughout the eight counties of Western New York, the Greater Rochester region and into the Central New York area. In addition, remote Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART), or open captioning, is offered to ensure your events are accessible.

These services are considered reasonable accommodations by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and by the New York State Human Rights Law.

Interpreters are assessed for skill and qualification, and adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct, an industry standard.

To request an Interpreter, call 716.833.1637.

Why Hire An Interpreter?

American Sign Language is a rich, complex language with its own grammatical structure and cultural context. It is not equivalent to English, therefore requiring interpretation. By providing interpreters in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you ensure that all people will benefit from the services that your organization or business offers. Effective communication is essential for people with any degree of hearing loss to be productive members of their community and fully participate in society.

For more information, call 716.833.1637.

Requesting Services

Gold yellow button that reads, "Requesting Services - For Returning Partners."

People Inc.’s Deaf Access Services use a web-based scheduling platform. Our partners can request services by logging in directly to this HIPAA compliant, secure platform. If you do not yet have access to this system, contact our interpreting department today. You will need to be granted access in order to schedule and receive confirmations/notifications via email.

You can reach our offices by calling 716.833.1637 and following the prompt for the Interpreting Department or by .

For returning partners:
Visit the Interpreter Request Portal here or by clicking the button.

Services are available 24/7, including after regular business hours, weekends and major holidays. All emergency and urgent requests must be made via phone.

Remote Video Interpreting

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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) uses videoconferencing technology to allow an off-site interpreter to interpret conversations from English to American Sign Language (ASL) or vice versa, as if they were onsite. VRI is utilized by many service providers as a resource for ensuring effective communication when there is not an interpreter available onsite. While VRI can be scheduled in advance, a key feature is that these services can be accessed On-Demand 24/7/365. As a provider we can provide our clients with local, ongoing and onsite support through the VRI process.

For more information, call 716.833.1637.

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) Services

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) services are available, remotely, for those who seek an alternative to ASL interpreting or reliance on assistive listening devices. The CART providers listen and instantaneously transcribe all speech to text using a stenotype machine and real-time software. The text can be displayed on computers, projection screens, monitors and/or mobile devices. The ADA recognizes CART services as an Assistive Technology which affords effective communication access.

All requests for CART services must be made in advance with as much notice as possible. Complete this form ahead of your appointment. Request services here. For more information, call 716.833.1637.

Captioning Services for Digital Media

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People Inc. supports the use of captioning and interpreting in all video content. This ensures everyone has access to the same information and that video content is ADA compliant.

Captioning services are customizable, based on your needs, and can be combined with ASL interpretation or voice-over interpretation. The completed video contains the additional content embedded directly – all you have to do is press “play.”

For our more information on our rates, a quote for your captioning project or to request services, contact our team today. Call 716.833.1637 or .

Payment & Feedback

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Interpreting Services Feedback

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