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Our agency is your resource for education about the Deaf and hard of hearing community. We offer American Sign Language classes, information about Deaf culture, presentations, training and workshops.

Community ASL Classes

People Inc.’s Deaf Access Services provide ongoing evening classes that incorporate learning American Sign Language (ASL) with the rich history and culture shared by the Deaf community, all in an immersive environment. This program is intended to create allies in the community and spread the joy of communicating with fellow Deaf community members. It is not an interpreter training program.

  • Classes are offered at four different levels (outlined below).
  • Classes are 10 weeks long and meet once a week for 2 hours.
  • Classes are offered online or in person.
  • Current Cost: $140 - General Public

Rates subject to change.
**We offer discounted rates for all People Inc. staff. For more information, .

Classes Offered

  • Level 1: No previous Sign Language experience required nor expected!
    This class will focus on proper hand shapes, sign space, parameter of a sign, alphabet, numbers, introductions, personal information, yes/no questions, basic greetings and Deaf culture.
  • Level 2: Some Sign Language knowledge required (Fingerspelling, Numbers, Colors, Basic Greetings, etc.) OR completion of Level 1.
    This class will focus on honing the basic skills learned in Level 1, allowing students to feel comfortable with Basic Conversations.
  • Level 3: Completion of Level 2 OR comparable skills required.
    This class will introduce you to Classifiers (hand shapes), the importance of Facial Expressions and introduction ASL Grammatical structure.
  • Level 4: Completion of Level 3 OR comparable skills required.
    This class will focus on Fingerspelling Techniques, Introduction of Storytelling techniques, and further development of Grammar. This level includes a student video project/assignment. (Winter semester only).

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be granted due to class cancellation OR student emergencies, such as medical issues with documentation as proof which prohibits participation.

We do recognize other obligations can get in the way of attending classes, but adherence to this policy allows us to continue to offer our classes at a reasonable cost. If you realize that you cannot attend the class as scheduled, you must request the credit within 10 business days before the class begins for a full refund.

For any notification received after that, a credit will be issued and will be valid up to a year (12 months) from the issue date.

Refunds will be issued upon proof the payment was properly credited and will be refunded in the same method payment that was received (check or credit card). For payments made in cash, refunds will be issued in the form of a check.

Refunds will be issued within 30 days of request.

Customized ASL Classes

If you have a group of 5 to 15 individuals and would like to set up classes specific to your needs, accommodations can be made. We will provide the same quality educational experience, while focusing on some of the key goals of your group.

For more information, complete this brief form or call 716.833.1637.

Private ASL Classes

Private ASL lessons are available, utilizing the same lesson plans from our community education classes. However, should there be a desire to focus on specific skills, needs or progress at your own pace, our teachers can customize and accommodate.

For more information, complete this brief form or call 716.833.1637.


A professional white woman stands in front of a diverse group of people in a training class setting.

To create community awareness about Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing populations, training presentations are tailored to meet your goals. We provide a unique opportunity for attendees to gain a better understanding of how to best interact with people who are D/deaf, DeafBlind or hard of hearing, typical accommodation requests, cultural exposure and knowledge of the ADA laws, which govern effective communication.

The trainings provide information on a number of specialized topics, including:

  • Cultural Competency Training
  • ADA – Effective Communication
  • Employing a DDBHH person(s)
  • Deaf History and Culture
  • Deaf History in New York State
  • Deaf New Americans

Training can be provided to groups, in-person or virtually. The base rate is $300 for one hour and includes the cost of an interpreter to facilitate communication between our staff and your team.

For pricing and additional information, fill out this form.

Quarterly Training

Free web-based quarterly trainings offer a brief overview of Deaf and hard of hearing services. We will introduce Deaf culture and explore effective communication with our Deaf, DeafBlind and hard of hearing (DDBHH) community members.

Register Here.


If you have completed our ASL classes and/or one of our trainings, we welcome your feedback through the following forms: