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To apply, complete the form found here. Para una aplicación en español, clic aquí. Return via USPS mail to the address below.

Address 525 Oliver Street, North Tonawanda NY 14120
Phone 716.880.3890
Eligibility Requirements
  • The head of household must be 18 years of age or older and income eligible and not exceeding very low income guideline at initial occupancy 50 percent for Erie County and meeting the minimum income limits.
  • Applicants may not pay out more than 48 percent of their income to rent and utilities. Minimum and maximum income guidelines.
  • A preference is given to applicants who have a physical impairment and/or visual impairment, traumatic brain injury
  • A preference is given to applicants whose current housing fails to meet basic standards of health and safety
Occupancy standards
  • People Inc. has established standards on occupancy to permit the tenant to select the unit size they deem appropriate to their needs (if available), while preventing overcrowding and underutilization of the unit.
  • The following describes the occupancy requirements:
    • One bedroom:   Minimum one; Maximum two
    • Two bedrooms: Minimum two; Maximum four.