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Day Habilitation Questions and Answers

What is Day Habilitation (Day Hab)?

Day Habilitation services help individuals achieve satisfying and rewarding connections and relationships within their communities. These services are flexible and can be provided almost anywhere in the community an individual wishes to learn new skills. It is a person-centered program and focuses on becoming independent in day-to-day, non-vocational, personal skills.

What are the benefits to participating in Day Hab?

Day Habilitation is person-centered. It gives participants more choices over their daily activities. They have the opportunity to explore new areas of interest; become more involved within their communities; develop communication and interpersonal skills; and set and pursue personal goals. People Inc. believes that the Day Habilitation structure will allow for more effective delivery of services to day program participants. We believe in the value of a person-centered, less restrictive philosophy and have seen success in our person-centered residential models. Day Habilitation gets individuals out of a building and into the community. It helps individuals develop necessary skills and pursue their goals and interests.

How is the Day Habilitation program funded?

People Inc. receives State and federal funding. Our day programs will receive funding through New York State to support Day Habilitation. We feel this structure is more financially stable for the future of the agency and the benefit of the people we serve.

What is a typical day like in Day Hab?

There is no "typical day" in Day Habilitation. Each person's day will be planned based on his/her individual needs and interests. Daily activities may include computer work, exercise, gardening, shopping, volunteering, job skill development, to name a few. Each day brings new experiences and opportunities for growth, increased independence and integration. One of the great benefits of the Day Habilitation program are the volunteer opportunities the participants receive. Over the last few years, volunteerism has been promoted within the program to have the participants be integrated within the community. It's a win-win situation! People Inc.'s Day Habilitation programs currently collaborate with over 25 organizations, including: American cancer Society, Americorps, Buffalo Bisons, Buffalo City Mission, Compass House, Concordia Cemetery Clean Up, Himalayan Institute, Hospice, Meals on Wheels, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Science Museum, Schofield Nursing Home, SPCA, VA Hospital, and Women and Children's Hospital.

Will participants receive necessary clinical services? Will these be provided on site?

People Inc. offers many resources to provide needed clinical services, including a full range of medical, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services through its Elmwood Health Center. If specific services are not provided on site, your MSC will assist in coordinating care and arrange for transportation to alternate agencies/facilities.

What is the staff to individual ratio in Day Hab, hours, and fees?

The staff to consumer ratio is 1:3.5.

Hours: 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Friday

Fees: Participant pays for own admission to off-site activities.

Who should I call for more information?

Please call People Inc.'s Admissions Department at 716.880.3700.


1219 North Forest Road | P.O. Box 9033 | Williamsville, New York 14231
Phone: 716.817.7400 | Toll Free NY 1.888.7PEOPLE | Fax: 716.634.3889

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