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Kids on the Block

Administrative Offices
3826 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14226

Information: (716) 629-3626

Kids on the Block is an internationally acclaimed disability awareness program that educates children about people with disabilities and acceptance of differences through the use of puppet theater. The Japanese style of puppetry used is called Bunraku and is extremely effective in creating an atmosphere where children feel comfortable asking questions. Performances encourage children to see people with disabilities from a new perspective as other children with strengths and weaknesses, just like themselves. Performances are geared toward children in the third and fourth grades.

Fees: No charge for performances, donations graciously accepted.

Website: Kids on the Block


1219 North Forest Road | P.O. Box 9033 | Williamsville, New York 14231

Phone: 716.634.8132 | Toll Free NY 1.888.7PEOPLE | Fax: 716.634.3889

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